THORNHILL Law Firm works with the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee in getting affected properties remediated through the Settlement Program.
THE FUTURE IS COMING TO LOUISIANA The Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) is a historic and game-changing project which will create America's first large transfer terminal designed to handle containers, bulk cargo, and petroleum products entering and leaving the United States of America.
For four years, THORNHILL is one of ten trial lawyers appointed by the Court to try the case against BP operations in the Gulf of Mexico, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of injured and damaged Plaintiffs, together with the US and five State governments, resulting in three class action settlements to date, so far valued at approximately $10 Billion.
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Offshore Oil and Gas Injuries

Thornhill Law Firm has successfully litigated claims by injured workers who engage in the offshore oil and gas industry. Movable rigs, semi-submersible rigs, drilling barges, and other floating facilities which are classified as vessels entitle claimants to relief under the Seaman’s Statutes. General maritime law and Jones Act Seaman’s Statutes created by Congress and the Federal Courts often apply to such claims. The United States Constitution gives special protection to maritime claims under the Savings to Suitors Clause of the Constitution. Maintenance and cure payments are assured injured workers under these statutes and cases. A team of lawyers has been assembled to address recent catastrophic offshore explosions, such as that we have heard reported in the news about the Trans Ocean Limited Semi-submersible Rig. The proven trial skills of Tom W. Thornhill have served well claimants who must through the courts obtain relief from responsible persons.