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MetLife will pay a $50,000 penalty and refund an undetermined amount of money to customers to settle allegations it imposed costly surcharges on Massachusetts drivers who were found not at fault in auto accidents. In detailing an agreement reached with Metropolitan Property & Casualty Insurance Company, state attorney general Martha Coakley said Tuesday that some custoemrs who filed accident claims were improperly penalized even after a state appeals board had ruled they were not responsible for causing the crashes.

The deadline to file seafood compensation claims will expire January 20, 2013!

Section 5.11.9 of the Economic & Property Damages Settlement with BP mandates that all Seafood Program Compensation Claim Forms must be submitted within 30 days of the entry of the order and judgment approving the settlement by the District Court.

Because Judge Barbier approved the Economic & Property Damages Class Settlement on December 21, 2012, all Seafood Program Compensation Claims should be submitted to the Deepwater Horizon Court-Supervised Settlement Program by January 20, 2013.

Potential claimants and business have a deadline of November 1st 2012 in which to opt-out of the BP settlement process. Come in to the Thornhill Law Firm NOW so that our experts can determine if your claim is best suited under the settlement or should opt-out and be excluded from the class action in order to protect your interest.

We recommend that by December 20th,2012, you make presentment of your claim to BP OPA Claims Program in Houston, TX. Presentment MUST be made at least 90 days before a lawsuit is filed and your suit must be filed before April 20th, 2013, i.e., before the three-year statue of limitations.

BP claims and claimants:

The trial against BP, Halliburton and Trans Ocean is set for trial January 14, 2013, to determine punitive damages owed under the maritime law. In a true limitaions action, the unresolved issues include claims among the defendants for which Judge Barbier will apply various laws, e.g., admiralty law and the Oil Field Pollution Act. The trial on punitive damages may enhance your claims under the pending settlement of economics and medicals claims. Settlement of your claims under the pending settlement will bar all future claims against BP and the long list of defendants who are beneficiaries of the transaction and compromise. For more information on the list ofclaims barred by the settlement or your rights in the pending multi-district litigation, contact Thornhill Law Firm.

International Paper and Temple-Inland: Bogalusa paper mill suits filed:

Fines and/or penalties paid by BP will be paid to Gulf Coast states under the proposed “Restore Act.” Eighty (80) percent of any fines/penalties assessed in connection with the April 20, 2010, BP disaster would be paid to the five Gulf Coast states, where it would be distributed for economic and environmental restoration projects and scientific research. Under the current Clean Water Act, the fines from the BP spill go into a fund to help pay for future disasters. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fl, co-chair of the Congressional Gulf Coast Caucus comments on the failure of Congress to move the proposed Restore Act saying, “I’m disappointed there hasn’t been movement. I thought this would be a no-brainer.” The proposed Restore Act was added as an amendment to the current bipartisan Transportation bill, which has passed the Senate. The House version has stalled, and has been extended from July 1 through the end of September this year. Paying BP fines/penalties directly to the affected areas of the Gulf coast should help reestablish the local businesses, assist fisheries, and encourage restoration of the environment and our way of life.

Today, in the BP case, on April 18, 2012, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier was presented with the formal terms of a proposed class-action settlement designed to pay out billions of dollars in economic and medical damage claims resulting from the April 20, 2010 oil and gas blow out in the Gulf of Mexico. BP will pay in full, in acordance with the terms of the settlement, when approved, all claims described, inlcuding business claims, and personal injury claims, that fit within the defined terms of the settlements. There is not a cap on the total payments, although BP estimates its exposure as seven billion, eight hundred thousand (US $7.8 Billion) dollars. This settlement also does not decide claims for punitive damages against BP, the ship owner, Transocean Ltd, and cement contractor Halliburton. A status conference is scheduled for May 3, to discuss plans for the projected trial of the remaining parties involved.

There is still time to file your claim against BP! Thornhill Law Firm is filing claims for BP victims, including business and medical claimants in order to recover the amount due and deserved. For immediate assistance, you may contact Thornhill Law Firm at (985) 641-5010, toll free, (800) 989-2707, or by using the “Contact Us” form on the website for Thornhill Law Firm.

BP economics and medical claim? The time is perfect to engage counsel to file your claim for business losses and medical claims. Thornhill Law Firm will provide the required experts and legal assistance to develop the claims against BP, all in accordance with the expected settlement by the PSC with BP. Call Tom if you have questions: 985-641-5010, toll Free: (800)-989-2707.

The Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (“PSC”) is still engaged in adversarial discovery process. Many more samples and tests are still required to know the scope of the loss of fish and wildlife, the impact on the commercial fisherman, land owners, water quality and associated use rights. Our objective is to determine the effects of the release(s) and the content(s) of the release(s) through our experts.

On February 15, 2012, we filed our First Amended Master Class Action Complaint and included all insurance companies providing coverage for Defendant. A Status Conference has been set before the Honorable Lance Africk in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana for April 13, 2012 at 7:30 a.m. If you have any updated documentation to support your claim, please be sure to get that information to my office at your earliest convenience. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

These FAQs provide general information regarding the Agreement-in-Principle reached on March 2, 2012 between the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and BP. It is important to keep in mind that:

The Parties to the Agreement-in-Principle are attempting to complete a final Settlement Agreement to be submitted to the Court by April 16, 2012. Details are still being completed by the Parties for inclusion in the final Settlement Agreement. If the Parties are able to timely complete the final Settlement Agreement and it receives preliminary approval from the Court, then a detailed, court-approved notice program will be initiated and detailed information about the final Settlement Agreement will be available for class members.

These FAQ s summarize aspects of the Agreement-in-Principle. They are not a complete discussion of that Agreement. The information in these FAQs may be subject to change based upon the terms of the final Settlement Agreement, if it is reached by the Parties.

This FAQ is preliminary, subject to change, and is not approved by the Court. THIS FAQ IS DRAFTED BY THE MDL 2179 PLAINTIFFS’ STEERING COMMITTEE.
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