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Hundreds of local residence, fishermen, and workers have embarked on cleaning up the mounds of putrid rotting fish resulting from the discharge of the “black liquor” chemical by-product from the Temple Inland paper mill. Around 450 people in 165 boats deploy early in the morning while St. Tammany Sheriff’s deputies provide monitoring and security as the cleanup workers remove and catalogue the rancid fish. Thornhill Law Firm has filed a joint suit with the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries against Temple Inland which “killed, caught, taken possessed or injured fish, wild birds, and other wildlife and aquatic live in violation of state law.” The second class action petition filed through Thornhill Law Firm, on behalf of Terral Evans, Dana Evans, Charles Blanchard and Shannon Williams seeks relief for residents, fisherman, and recreationalist who have “sustained physical, mental and/or emotional injuries, fright, inconvenience, personal and medical expenses and interruption of or intrusion into their person and/or professional lives.”

The black liquor plume has now pushed through to the Rigolets and has been reported affecting crab fisherman as far south as Alligator Point. If you have information or a claim, contact us at (985)641-5010 or toll free 800-989-2707.

St. Tammany News. “River discharge lawsuits begin”

The Bogalusa paper mill which is owned and operated by Temple-Inland has submitted an arrangement, Tuesday August 16th 2011, to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality which would allow it to resume operations.

Local residents, business owners, recreationalist and agitated Gov. Bobby Jindal said, “I made it very clear that we expect the company to clean up this mess, not only to make sure that it never happens again before they reopen the plant, but also that they have got responsibility to reverse the damage that has been done by this discharge.”

Wednesday, August 17th, the DEQ submitted responses on the proposed plan by Temple-Inland on the plant restart, and those revisions are under review.

On Tuesday, August 9th 2011, the owners of the Bogalusa paper mill, Temple-Inland, admitted that it discharged chemicals causing the death of thousands of fish in Pearl River and resulting in a negative impact to the surrounding environment, businesses and individuals. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality released a statement Monday August 15th warning the public to avoid the black liquor substance, foam, and any dead or floating fish in the Pearl River. The lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation has also expressed serious concern about the toxic plume moving toward the Rigolets.

Thornhill Law Firm has extensive knowledge regarding this spill; and has currently filed in Washington Parish a class action suit for injunction and damages. If you have information or a claim contact us at (985)641-5010 or toll free 800-989-2707.

Class actions lawsuits are an invaluable procedure to the legal community. Essentially, a class action allows numerous people with common complaints that will be defended similarly to file one lawsuit together, rather than forcing each individual to seek their own attorney and file suit individually. By using this process, advantages are realized by all parties involved- plaintiffs, defendants, and the court system.
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